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Organic fertilizer usage

1. fertilizer use
Grain crops and economic crops, food crops per acre application of 100~150 kg of vegetables and crops: application of 500~800 kg per mu, when ploughing into the soil to maintain soil moisture, irrigation of one to two weeks after planting.
When planting fruit trees and seedlings: use 5-10 kg per plant, adding mixed with the soil at the bottom of the pit planting uniform, overlying 5~10 cm soil after planting seedlings.
2. top dressing method:
Fruit trees and saplings per year seedlings: 3~5 kg, adult trees per year 5~10 kg, when administered in accordance with the canopy coverage area of a ring groove furrow.
3., bed use method: every cubic meter of seedbed medium 5~10 kg organic fertilizer, and thoroughly mixed evenly after sowing seedlings.

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