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  Ministry of Agriculture: promoting the application of organic manure to promote the utilization of livestock manure
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This morning, the Ministry of Agriculture held a press conference at 10, the national development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of agriculture responsible comrades to the media about the entire county to promote livestock and poultry manure resource utilization of the situation, the Ministry of agriculture crop tillage fertilizer at Zhong Heron in a reporter asked? The director pointed out that to promote the development of green agriculture, organic fertilizer substitution chemical fertilizer is an important measure, this year, the Ministry of agriculture in the country selected 100 fruit tea production and livestock and poultry farming county to carry out tea fruit and vegetable organic fertilizer alternativefertilizer action.
Zhong Lu pointed out that since the agricultural civilization, it has been a good tradition to produce manure and apply organic fertilizer. Compared with chemical fertilizer, organic fertilizer has such problems as low nutrient content, slow fertilizer effect, large volume and inconvenient use. At present, China's various types of organic fertilizer nutrient resources equivalent to about about 74000000 tons, but the actual use of less than 40%, especially the large scale breeding of livestock manure was not used effectively, not only a waste of resources, but also pollute the environment.
Zhong Lu?, in recent years, agricultural departments at all levels with fertilization, farmland protection and quality improvement, protection and utilization of black soil in Northeast pilot project implementation, promotion of a set of compost, straw, planting green manure technology integration, to promote the application of organic mast scale.
This year, the Ministry of Agriculture organized a fruit tea organic fertilizer alternativefertilizer action, in the choice of 100 fruit tea production and livestock farming county, to guide farmers to use animal manure and straw product made by straw organic fertilizer, organic fertilizer, planting through the circulation channel, not only solve the livestock and poultry manure treatment of this "smell" at the same time to solve the problem, improve the quality of the fruit and vegetable tea "fragrance" problem. Therefore, promoting the application of organic manure is an important measure to promote the utilization of livestock manure. Next, the Ministry of agriculture will focus on four aspects in promoting the application of organic fertilizer.
First, strengthen policy support. We should implement the policy of agricultural subsidies based on green ecology, support farmers to use more organic fertilizers and make good use of organic fertilizers. At the same time, we will support the development of a number of socialized service organizations, and carry out organic fertilizer production, application and transportation services. We will actively study and introduce preferential policies for land use, electricity consumption, credit and taxation in support of the production and utilization of organic fertilizer.
Two is to strengthen the technology popularization. According to some difficult problems of organic fertilizer production, the experts, organization of teaching, research and extension departments to carry out joint public relations, to promote the integration of a number of livestock and poultry manure fertilizer utilization model, while developing a number of harmless treatment, returning with technical specifications, guiding farmers to implement the relevant technical measures.
Three is to strengthen demonstration driven. Key support for planting large, family farms, cooperatives and leading enterprises of new agricultural business entities take the lead in applying organic fertilizer, to create a number of bright, distinctive demonstration base, to promote the application of organic mast radiation area.
Four is to strengthen publicity and guidance. To intensify propaganda, publicity and interpretation of the concept of green development, organic fertilizer policy measures and technology mode, allowing farmers to fully understand the important role of organic fertilizer in high efficiency, quality and efficiency, improve the environment, promote the community to actively participate in the work of the use of organic fertilizer resources.

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