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Henan  Hongbo Biotechnology Co. Ltd., in response to the government policy, in the national agricultural construction, after several years of research and practice, developed the latest and most advanced high temperature fermentation equipment, mainly used in the treatment of organic waste, the waste discharge of crop breeding livestock manure, food processing wastes, agricultural harvest through precision processing equipment, high temperature, fast and stable transformation for organic fertilizer with high economic value, not only can solve the serious environmental problems, benefits, but can increase the yield and quality of agricultural products, to greening the environment and improve the deteriorating soil, there is great benefit in environmental conservation, the natural ecological balance. The dung into gold, the cycle of ecological agriculture, agriculture and animal husbandry industry to create more value, promotion, can also solve the current concern of Chinese food safety The problem, "the heart, light up the agricultural world", creating the public welfare, is the enterprise top management standards, "division of labor, profit, enterprise spirit is to pull together in times of trouble.".
Agricultural machinery is a variety of machinery used in the process of crop farming and animal husbandry, as well as the initial processing and processing of agricultural and livestock products. In recent years, the state will actively promote the mechanization of agriculture science and technology innovation, through agricultural reform, the implementation of the national science and technology research, the national science and technology support program, agricultural science and technology plan, the introduction of international advanced agricultural technology projects, increase the agricultural machinery equipment key technology and equipment research and development and support efforts to promote agricultural mechanization "integrated solutions problem of bottleneck link technology and technology. Through the combination of technological innovation, technology introduction and independent development, a group of high-tech agricultural products came into being, greatly shortened between China's agricultural machinery industry the gap with foreign advanced level, product technical level has been greatly improved.
Agricultural equipment sector has become one of the key industries in which the state has given priority to development. Especially in the current agricultural mechanization in China has entered the primary stage by the intermediate stage of development, which indicates that the Agricultural Mechanization in China will usher in a new era of rapid development, the process of agricultural development contains a huge market space, the development of agricultural business prospects.

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